Our Story

From our very humble beginning, LifePoint's story is filled with continual reminders of who our God is and how He works.

Since the beginning of LifePoint in January of 2015, we have strived to be a people following after God's heart. It is our prayer that everyone who we come in contact with would come to Know God, Grow Spiritually and Serve Others. 

Prior to 2015 God was placing the idea for a biblical, prayerful, missional, and relational church in Franklin, Kentucky to touch the nations with the Gospel in the minds of some of the current staff members. On Sunday, January 25, 2015, that vision became a reality as LifePoint Church met for the very first time in a high school cafeteria. 207 people attended as a new church began to figure out how they were going to operate. A staff was put together and the church moved forward. The next year was spent focusing on ministry and finding a home for the ministry center. By 2017 when the ministry center was completed, LifePoint had to move to two services as we had already outgrown the auditorium. 

In this time we have been able to send and support mission teams and missionaries all across the globe. We have sent members to Haiti, Honduras, Nepal, Kenya, Brazil, Nicaragua, Peru, Dominican Republic, and Cuba. In the coming years we hope to increase this list as it is our desire to see people from every nation come to Know God, Grow Spiritually and Serve Others. 

Throughout our history we have repeatedly seen the faithfulness of God and we hope that through your time with us that you would experience His faithfulness too.